Friday, August 20, 2010

I am just tickled...

and a bit awestruck, as well.  I had comments to my last post!!!  Yahoo...just when I was starting to get down about the whole thing, too.
Things on the porch have been busy lately.  My surgery was delayed due to a high blood pressure reading at my pre-op appointment.  Gee, really?  Do they take in to consideration the fact that I might be just a wee bit nervous as well as the fact I have been eating sinus pills like candy to try and alleviate the dreaded late August Michigan nose???  So...2 weeks of medication and a date of September 3rd.  That's OK...I have put it all in God's hands because he is way calmer than I will ever be, right?

Fall is finally making its presence known...most subtly but I noticed the evening sky had that lovely dark blue hue last night.  It may still be in the mid 80s but its coming...I feel it!

Will be doing two book reviews tomorrow...fortunately my reading took a big upswing after that disastrous first book.

Now as I look forward to the weekend let me share a wonderful little dessert that has been in my family forever...

Mom's Pineapple Pudding

1 Sara Lee Pound cake (if you can find a store brand...go for it!!)
1 small can of crushed pineapple with juice
1 small carton of heavy whipping cream

Crumble the pound cake into medium size pieces
add the the entire can of pineapple, juice and all
whip the cream adding sugar to taste and fold into pineapple cake mixture.
Chill and indulge!!
Now, my mom was pretty old school and loved to put this into tall parfait glasses in layers i.e. pudding, then a layer of whipped cream, pudding and topping it all off with a nice size dollop of whipped cream.  If it was for important company you can get creative and slice some strawberries to add to the layers.  It does make for a lovely presentation, but I'll be honest with you...I can barely get it into the fridge to chill much less make a nice presentation!!  It is that good...really.  If ever there is any left over it is great for breakfast (so says a friend who has control!!).

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My first blog book review...

Steamed by Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant; A Gourmet Girl Mystery. 

Well, it seems appropriate that for my first blog book review I review a first in a series book.  I found this book on my library's shelf while waiting for Connor.  It  caught my attention of course by the the blurbs on the back page..after all if Diana Mott Davidson loved it, why wouldn't I?   I tried to enticed by the premise of a young woman who considers herself a food connoisseur while attempting to work on her graduate degree in Social Work and all while she tries to  find a boyfriend.  The book started out strong with the potential of having characters to love and hate but then I just stopped caring...Chloe, our main character finds a dead body, who happens to be her blind date for the evening...enter the police, the quirky best friend, the boy who broke her heart...yada yada yada...I did finish the book but was incredibly disappointed with the ending.  Did we really find out who did it??  More we care????

On a happier note I began Pretty is as Pretty Dies by Elizabeth Spann Craig and am already enraptured and intrigued!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Will I ever figure this all out?

This morning finds me on the porch, reading email, checking FB (way too much), and enjoying the most fabulous cup of coffee that I have had in about forever!  Met the lovely coffee roasting team of Travis and Nick Bradburn last night...they have a great product as well as a wonderful story.  Father and Son together exploring the world of coffee roasting.  What really intrigues me is that Nick is all of 6 years old!!!  Yep, he and his dad Travis are making coffee together...
I found out about The Coffee Guys from Cleo Coyle, author and coffee guru.  Lo and behold, the coffee guys live right down the road from me!  Few phone calls, emails and voila...we met in the White Lake Inn parking lot for the exchange!  Super nice guys, super product and they get a huge shout out from the porch!! if I had readers I would say "Readers, get thee to your computer or your, text or email these guys...and then have a sublime cuppa on your front porch!!  Here's their info:

The Coffee Guys:  the or coffeeguys   phone: 248-236-5586

I finished Hannah's List by Debbie Macomber last night.  I enjoy Debbie's books but will tell you straight out...her stories are predictable.  That isn't always bad...but it does get old sometimes.  The basic plot line had great potential:  Grieving husband gets a letter from his dead gorgeous wife on the anniversary of her death.  She has chosen 3 women she feels he should pursue to find love again.   Let the excitement and angst ensue...
Debbie's books are a definite "get from the library" choice for me. 

The rest of my day is going to be spent getting to the post office, trying to figure out how this whole blog this really works, and ugh....housework.  Perhaps another pot of coffee is in order and a few "bribes" to myself??!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday evening musings on lady bits, friends and

family.  So, let's start with the lady bits and get over all of that, OK?  If you knew me in real life you would know that the whole idea of menopause became pretty much an ongoing joke for me.  Seriously, I was ready for it the minute after Connor was born 16 years ago!!  I found out I was pregnant on my 40th birthday...and was ready to close shop on Valentine's day, 1994, his birthday!  So...I began the long long long became my standard answer for "What do you want for your birthday?"  "What do you want for Christmas?" "Any ideas for our anniversary?" answer was always..."Menopause!!"  To the point that one night close to Christmas dear, sweet, shopping abhorring Mr. Nanc came home and said in a very melodramatic voice "OK...I have gone to Macy's, Saks (he's never been in a Saks in his life!), Wal-Mart, Gun Barn and NO ONE has menopause!!!"  We all had a good laugh...(some more than others) and I continued to wait.  Finally about a year and a half ago I could officially say "I have arrived and it is called Menopause!!"  Frivolity and frolicking ensued, singing filled the land and OK...I was happy. forward to a few weeks ago when I went for the annual squish and look see...and my doctor (who I really do love) decided that there was a wee little spot that needed some more attention. Friday I went for the look see: officially called a hysteroscopy.   Lo and Behold...she got in there and the offending little visitor had disappeared!  Gone, vanished, scrammed, vamoosed...HUZZAH and HURRAH!!!!!!!  So...I spent Friday night, Saturday and most of Sunday sleeping off the effects of multiple pain killers, anesthetics and who knows what else.  To all of this I say with much seriousness and a lot of faith...PRAYER WORKS!!!  Thanks for the prayers and good lady bits are beautiful (per my doctor) and I'm happily middle aged!

Friends...and family.  I have a very very small family.  Both parents are gone to Heaven, my brother is in VA and who knows where my sister is now a days??  Les' family is pretty much the same thing.  But through the years we have worked really hard to make a family for Em and Connor and ourselves.  We can say today that we have a great family!  I do have a wonderful niece and nephew but we also have brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, even grandparents for the kids!!  I am reminded daily how blessed I am by my "created" family...

My neck/back surgery is scheduled for Aug 20th and I have a literal STACK of books just waiting to be read!! I'll be pretty much homebound once I get home from the hospital so the next 2 weeks will be spent finding the perfect chaise, pillow and quilt for the front porch, I have a gorgeous basket that I found at a yard sale for the books and Les uncovered the cutest little chair side table for me.  In all the blogs I read I notice they use an automated number selection thingy to award prizes...wonder how I will decide who gets read when???  Hmmmm, might have to assign each book a number and borrow Connor's top hat!!

Tomorrow is primary election day here in Michigan and the biggest issue is the millage vote for our local library.  According to Larry, our library director usage has increased 42% in the last year...and funding has decreased by over 50% due to our crummy economy.  Tomorrow I will at the library making phone calls and begging for folks in our little town to give just a little bit more so that we can keep our wonderful jewel...The White Lake Public Library.

My dear cyber friend and fabulous author Cleo Coyle releases her new book tomorrow!!!!!  Roast Mortem, the continuation of the tale of Clare, Matteo, Madame and the wonderful baristas at the coffee house.  I'm excited and know I will love this one!   Brava, Cleo, Brava!!!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The porch was made

for nights such as these. It is absolutely gorgeous here tonight, a light breeze is keeping the mosquitoes at bay, it is cool enough to have a quilt on my lap and it is almost noisy with the sounds of critters, frogs, and the lone Sand Hill crane.
Tomorrow is Friday and I have a long day ahead of me...some necessary but unwanted medical stuff will occupy the majority of the day. Then home again to languish in my chair with a book. Today I have been busy reading about a typical author's financial struggles. Obviously they all can't be Debbie Macomber, John Grisham or Janet Evanovich but today I learned how little they make for all the work that they do...which leads me to step off the "comfort train" and put my self and my little blog out there. YIKES! I am challenge myself to review all these books that I read!! I am so thankful for these wonderful that Facebook and Twitter and all the blogs make it possible for readers such as myself to reach out and "talk" with authors who I before could only say " need to read this book" to my friends. Now I can personally thank them and more importantly review the book and possibly get a few people out to buy it!
So my first step is to suggest that you go out and find a few of these author's books. You won't regret it!!
Cleo Coyle
Lorna Barrett
Elizabeth Craig
Alice Kimberly
OK...go on now, you have your task in front of you...go read a book!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday night on the porch...

would be quite wonderful if it weren't so darn hot and sticky!!!! What is up with Michigan's summer this year?
Two weeks until my back surgery and I am getting quite antsy about it. Perhaps because I know what I will go through afterwards having just done it a year ago...the 6 long weeks in a hard, unforgiving, inflexible cervical collar. Not being able to turn my head, totally wash my hair (OK...I did cheat and take it off long enough to wash my would have done it, too!!), not being able to sleep without an Ambien...the list goes on and on. However, I am choosing tonight to be optimistic. I know I will finally be rid of this neverending pain, tingling and numbness. Not being able to totally function as I wish...the pain is what gets to me. It effects my entire life and my family's life...
Keeping with my optimistic leanings...I won a contest this week!!!!! I regularly read a wonderful blog called Mystery Lover's Kitchen. The recipes are to die for and I love seeing the other sides of some of my favorite authors. Well, this week they are celebrating their first anniversary and each day give away a cooking prize. On Tuesday I not only got a great recipe for pork ribs but I also won a barbecue grill set!! Sweet thanks again to Elizabeth :-)
I need to look further into expanding my blog horizons...fear of failure is my biggest fear. But I stateed before I will not let it stop me!!!
I have my first follower...the aforementioned Elizabeth, author of the new release Delicious and Suspicious. Go buy it...preferably from a real bookstore in your neighborhood!! If that isn't possible...go ahead and hit up borders or Barnes and Noble. After all...Borders is a Michigan based company :-) If all else fails get thee to Amazon...get a real book in your hands, one that you can put a cool bookmark in, carry in your purse, even dogear the pages...GASP! But buy a a book and share what you read. There are readers everywhere who go to the library, seniors who don't have the finances to indulge, hospitals, shoot even our local jail regularly asks for contributions! READ...READ...READ

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

...and off I go!!!

The idea of keeping a blog is both exciting and daunting. Will I keep up with it? Will I be interesting? Will anyone ever read this? My answer to all the above is quite is OK either way. I would love to have followers but then again am I prepared to bare my soul to others? I guess I will have to wait and see...
I have called this The Front Porch Library because two of my favorite things in life are my front porch and books! Granted living in Michigan there are definite restrictions to front porching unless you are an Eskimo but I like to think the remaining months make it all worthwhile. We live in an old rundown farm house, not the quaint ones that you see in the magazines but a real life one with far too few electric outlets, no chance of ever having central air, lots of drafts, creaky wonky floors and...a certain character. We have far too much stuff but that is a post for another day. The library is another one of my favorite spots. I have been a bibliophile since I was a young girl and I have recently started patronizing it faithfully since giving myself a challenge not to buy any new books (except with gift cards) for a whole year!!!! Now, let me state here that I will still go to used book stores, library sales, trift stores and yard sales. I have learned a lot about myself during this challenge...I am an impatient reader to be sure! I am also a bit obsessive about reading series. Thanks to my dear friend, Cat I have become a huge fan of cozy mysteries. But when I begin a series I NEED to read the whole series!! This is where my library has saved me...I can request all the books online and usually I have them as I am ready for them :-)
So...The Front Porch library has opened for business...welcome and get comfy. I'll brew a pitcher of sun tea and perhaps will even have a cookie or two waiting for you.