Thursday, July 29, 2010

The porch was made

for nights such as these. It is absolutely gorgeous here tonight, a light breeze is keeping the mosquitoes at bay, it is cool enough to have a quilt on my lap and it is almost noisy with the sounds of critters, frogs, and the lone Sand Hill crane.
Tomorrow is Friday and I have a long day ahead of me...some necessary but unwanted medical stuff will occupy the majority of the day. Then home again to languish in my chair with a book. Today I have been busy reading about a typical author's financial struggles. Obviously they all can't be Debbie Macomber, John Grisham or Janet Evanovich but today I learned how little they make for all the work that they do...which leads me to step off the "comfort train" and put my self and my little blog out there. YIKES! I am challenge myself to review all these books that I read!! I am so thankful for these wonderful that Facebook and Twitter and all the blogs make it possible for readers such as myself to reach out and "talk" with authors who I before could only say " need to read this book" to my friends. Now I can personally thank them and more importantly review the book and possibly get a few people out to buy it!
So my first step is to suggest that you go out and find a few of these author's books. You won't regret it!!
Cleo Coyle
Lorna Barrett
Elizabeth Craig
Alice Kimberly
OK...go on now, you have your task in front of you...go read a book!!!

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