Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday evening musings on lady bits, friends and

family.  So, let's start with the lady bits and get over all of that, OK?  If you knew me in real life you would know that the whole idea of menopause became pretty much an ongoing joke for me.  Seriously, I was ready for it the minute after Connor was born 16 years ago!!  I found out I was pregnant on my 40th birthday...and was ready to close shop on Valentine's day, 1994, his birthday!  So...I began the long long long became my standard answer for "What do you want for your birthday?"  "What do you want for Christmas?" "Any ideas for our anniversary?" answer was always..."Menopause!!"  To the point that one night close to Christmas dear, sweet, shopping abhorring Mr. Nanc came home and said in a very melodramatic voice "OK...I have gone to Macy's, Saks (he's never been in a Saks in his life!), Wal-Mart, Gun Barn and NO ONE has menopause!!!"  We all had a good laugh...(some more than others) and I continued to wait.  Finally about a year and a half ago I could officially say "I have arrived and it is called Menopause!!"  Frivolity and frolicking ensued, singing filled the land and OK...I was happy. forward to a few weeks ago when I went for the annual squish and look see...and my doctor (who I really do love) decided that there was a wee little spot that needed some more attention. Friday I went for the look see: officially called a hysteroscopy.   Lo and Behold...she got in there and the offending little visitor had disappeared!  Gone, vanished, scrammed, vamoosed...HUZZAH and HURRAH!!!!!!!  So...I spent Friday night, Saturday and most of Sunday sleeping off the effects of multiple pain killers, anesthetics and who knows what else.  To all of this I say with much seriousness and a lot of faith...PRAYER WORKS!!!  Thanks for the prayers and good lady bits are beautiful (per my doctor) and I'm happily middle aged!

Friends...and family.  I have a very very small family.  Both parents are gone to Heaven, my brother is in VA and who knows where my sister is now a days??  Les' family is pretty much the same thing.  But through the years we have worked really hard to make a family for Em and Connor and ourselves.  We can say today that we have a great family!  I do have a wonderful niece and nephew but we also have brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, even grandparents for the kids!!  I am reminded daily how blessed I am by my "created" family...

My neck/back surgery is scheduled for Aug 20th and I have a literal STACK of books just waiting to be read!! I'll be pretty much homebound once I get home from the hospital so the next 2 weeks will be spent finding the perfect chaise, pillow and quilt for the front porch, I have a gorgeous basket that I found at a yard sale for the books and Les uncovered the cutest little chair side table for me.  In all the blogs I read I notice they use an automated number selection thingy to award prizes...wonder how I will decide who gets read when???  Hmmmm, might have to assign each book a number and borrow Connor's top hat!!

Tomorrow is primary election day here in Michigan and the biggest issue is the millage vote for our local library.  According to Larry, our library director usage has increased 42% in the last year...and funding has decreased by over 50% due to our crummy economy.  Tomorrow I will at the library making phone calls and begging for folks in our little town to give just a little bit more so that we can keep our wonderful jewel...The White Lake Public Library.

My dear cyber friend and fabulous author Cleo Coyle releases her new book tomorrow!!!!!  Roast Mortem, the continuation of the tale of Clare, Matteo, Madame and the wonderful baristas at the coffee house.  I'm excited and know I will love this one!   Brava, Cleo, Brava!!!!!!

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