Friday, August 20, 2010

I am just tickled...

and a bit awestruck, as well.  I had comments to my last post!!!  Yahoo...just when I was starting to get down about the whole thing, too.
Things on the porch have been busy lately.  My surgery was delayed due to a high blood pressure reading at my pre-op appointment.  Gee, really?  Do they take in to consideration the fact that I might be just a wee bit nervous as well as the fact I have been eating sinus pills like candy to try and alleviate the dreaded late August Michigan nose???  So...2 weeks of medication and a date of September 3rd.  That's OK...I have put it all in God's hands because he is way calmer than I will ever be, right?

Fall is finally making its presence known...most subtly but I noticed the evening sky had that lovely dark blue hue last night.  It may still be in the mid 80s but its coming...I feel it!

Will be doing two book reviews tomorrow...fortunately my reading took a big upswing after that disastrous first book.

Now as I look forward to the weekend let me share a wonderful little dessert that has been in my family forever...

Mom's Pineapple Pudding

1 Sara Lee Pound cake (if you can find a store brand...go for it!!)
1 small can of crushed pineapple with juice
1 small carton of heavy whipping cream

Crumble the pound cake into medium size pieces
add the the entire can of pineapple, juice and all
whip the cream adding sugar to taste and fold into pineapple cake mixture.
Chill and indulge!!
Now, my mom was pretty old school and loved to put this into tall parfait glasses in layers i.e. pudding, then a layer of whipped cream, pudding and topping it all off with a nice size dollop of whipped cream.  If it was for important company you can get creative and slice some strawberries to add to the layers.  It does make for a lovely presentation, but I'll be honest with you...I can barely get it into the fridge to chill much less make a nice presentation!!  It is that good...really.  If ever there is any left over it is great for breakfast (so says a friend who has control!!).

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