Thursday, August 5, 2010

Will I ever figure this all out?

This morning finds me on the porch, reading email, checking FB (way too much), and enjoying the most fabulous cup of coffee that I have had in about forever!  Met the lovely coffee roasting team of Travis and Nick Bradburn last night...they have a great product as well as a wonderful story.  Father and Son together exploring the world of coffee roasting.  What really intrigues me is that Nick is all of 6 years old!!!  Yep, he and his dad Travis are making coffee together...
I found out about The Coffee Guys from Cleo Coyle, author and coffee guru.  Lo and behold, the coffee guys live right down the road from me!  Few phone calls, emails and voila...we met in the White Lake Inn parking lot for the exchange!  Super nice guys, super product and they get a huge shout out from the porch!! if I had readers I would say "Readers, get thee to your computer or your, text or email these guys...and then have a sublime cuppa on your front porch!!  Here's their info:

The Coffee Guys:  the or coffeeguys   phone: 248-236-5586

I finished Hannah's List by Debbie Macomber last night.  I enjoy Debbie's books but will tell you straight out...her stories are predictable.  That isn't always bad...but it does get old sometimes.  The basic plot line had great potential:  Grieving husband gets a letter from his dead gorgeous wife on the anniversary of her death.  She has chosen 3 women she feels he should pursue to find love again.   Let the excitement and angst ensue...
Debbie's books are a definite "get from the library" choice for me. 

The rest of my day is going to be spent getting to the post office, trying to figure out how this whole blog this really works, and ugh....housework.  Perhaps another pot of coffee is in order and a few "bribes" to myself??!!


  1. Will be sharing the coffee tip! Thanks for the info...and am enjoying your new blog!

  2. thanks so much, Gretchen!! I am stunned that anyone other than myself is reading it!! Their coffee is wonderful!