Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My first blog book review...

Steamed by Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant; A Gourmet Girl Mystery. 

Well, it seems appropriate that for my first blog book review I review a first in a series book.  I found this book on my library's shelf while waiting for Connor.  It  caught my attention of course by the the blurbs on the back page..after all if Diana Mott Davidson loved it, why wouldn't I?   I tried to enticed by the premise of a young woman who considers herself a food connoisseur while attempting to work on her graduate degree in Social Work and all while she tries to  find a boyfriend.  The book started out strong with the potential of having characters to love and hate but then I just stopped caring...Chloe, our main character finds a dead body, who happens to be her blind date for the evening...enter the police, the quirky best friend, the boy who broke her heart...yada yada yada...I did finish the book but was incredibly disappointed with the ending.  Did we really find out who did it??  More we care????

On a happier note I began Pretty is as Pretty Dies by Elizabeth Spann Craig and am already enraptured and intrigued!!!


  1. Too bad it didn't end well! None of us have time for disappointing books! I just read my first PD James book and loved it. It was called the Lighthouse and I got it at a second hand shop! Found you on Midchix!

  2. I just read most of your posts and I love your writing, your thoughts and your sense of humor. I can relate to the menopause issue and especially the prayer power. (Hope you're feeling well from your surgery too.)
    Welcome, to the world of blogging and menopause. I KNOW you'll get more followers. It's been an interesting journey for me and finally I have a few. Now I wish I had a porch.

  3. WOW...I have comments!!! I am so excited ;-) Thanks Zen Mama and Myrna R. Surgery was delayed so I have another 2 weeks to stress about it...thanks so much for your input and encouragement. It means more than ou know!